Passionate About Serving, Supporting & Inspiring Others

What makes Thaty so unique that parents constantly rave about her?

  • Thaty is a credentialed educator and holds several teaching licenses.

  • Thaty provides individualized care that is customized to each family

  • Thaty is constantly updating her skills by attending monthly trainings and workshops.

  • Thaty is an active member of the community and strives to serve not only families but also her fellow nannies.

Thaty's Mission
  • Children: Nurture the child’s emotional, social, cognitive and physical development by providing extraordinaire and engaging care in a safe and nurturing environment, that fosters mindfulness, kindness, resilience and the love of learning.

  • Families: Support parents in their journey by providing positive guidance, coaching and encouragement when needed. Empower new moms navigating the challenges of motherhood and professional life. Empower dads in their equal importance to bond and nurture their children. Educate parents in their role as employers.

  • Nannies: Empower fellow nannies about the impact of our services. Educate about working rights and protection and comprehending how indispensable nannies are to society. Encourage civil engagement in the industry. Lead by example.

  • Society: Educate and mobilize the community about the value of  professional and individualized childcare. Engage in social justice activities supporting “women’s work”, domestic workers and immigrant workers. Inspire the community to join our cause.

Teaching, Learning and growing with children & families since 1998

Tatiane Dias de Oliveira, Ed. M. (a.k.a. Nanny Thaty) is a Career Nanny and Childcare Specialist in the Boston area, working with children for nearly 20 years. Thaty specializes in working with first time parents and their newborns, providing positive encouragement and guidance to new parents while nurturing and fostering the healthy development of their babies. She is also a licensed Lead Toddler and Preschool teacher with extensive experience working with these age groups as well.

Thaty is involved in various projects in the care  industry and is the founder and facilitator of the Massachusetts Nanny Breakfast Club and one of the hosts of NDR – National Domestic Radio. She has helped in organizing – in addition to present – Boston’s National Nanny Training Day since 2013. Thaty is also the co-author of the Professional Nanny Series Class on Care Academy.

Thaty currently holds a Master’s of Education in ESL/Bilingual Education, a Master’s of Management in Leadership and Coaching and a Bachelor’s degree is in Multidisciplinary Studies (majoring in Early Childhood Education). In addition, Thaty is also a certified Happiest Baby on the Block Educator, Newborn Care Specialist, Parent/Family/Professional/Life coach, just to name just a few. She is notorious for being a "forever student," keeping up with her professional development and has attended countless training over the years. She is always enrolled in one or two courses in any given time!

To read about Thaty’s advocay & community work, caring philosophies and her approach to parenting make sure to visit the Resources page.

  • Newborn Care Expert 2018

  • Advanced Newborn Care Specialist 2016

  • Happiest Baby on the Block Educator

  • Master Neuro-Lingustic Programming Practioner

  • Promoting Young Children's Language, Literacy, and Social Emotional Competencies

  • Positive Discipline

Formal Education
  • Master of Education in English as a Second Language 

  • Master of Management in Leadership and Coaching

  • Bachelors of Arts in Multidisciplinary Studies - Majoring in Early Childhood