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Hiring a Travel Nanny

Updated: Jul 22, 2019

Hiring a travel nanny to bring along your next vacation may be the best thing you'll ever do!

Thaty & Lucas at Walt Disney World

Traveling with children isn't easy! Of course you want to enjoy some family time, but the reality is, your child wrangling may be just as it was at home - if not worse, since traveling is quite a way to throw off your child's impeccable schedule & routines. All that, accompanied by a tid bit of frustration for not being able to check off all of the sightseers you longed so long to visit!

Instead, you spend hours in line for Elza's autograph at Walt Disney World, or stuck in your hotel room, because you know you don't want to mess up with your little one's nap schedule and sleeping in the stroller is just not working!

Travel nannies have been around for a while, but perhaps it wasn't until recently that attention was brought to this particular specialty in the nanny world. These are professional nannies who not only know how to provide exceptional care but, they are well versed in all traveling matters - from packing, to booking, to creating the perfect itinerary of activities for the children under their care. These nannies are also trained and expected to handle safety and dangerous situation far away from home. They must be vigilant, aware and extremely knowledgeable about their travel destination. This also includes cultural awareness and overall understanding of their ways of living, tourism and appropriate interaction with the people and the environment.

How does it work?

These are the types of arrangement you want to make well in advance. Professional travel nannies are often booked 6-9 months in advance!

You can hire a nanny to travel with you and your children [an extra pair of hands can ve extremely valuable during a long flight!] from your hometown to your vacation destination or, have her meet you there.

What are the costs involved?

Generally, a non-refundable booking fee and deposit are required to secure their availability. Price will vary based on the length and hours of work. If you would like more information about my services, you can click here.

The family is required to pay for transportation (both to/from the destination, as well as during the work assignment), accommodation, food allowance and general expenses from outings with the children, such as tickets to parks, museums, etc.

The nanny pay isn't included on the expenses stated above. You can tailor you nanny's schedule to your needs and she will happy work a regular 8h shift, but usually longer. Nannies are paid hourly, even when negotiating 24/h shifts - which still should include *at least* a 4h sleeping break, so keep that in mind.

You can also negotiate a set rate per day based on the max number of hours without having a set, regular schedule. The convenience of having travel nannies is their flexibility around scheduling.

Plan ahead

The earlier you booked your travel nanny, the sooner she will get into research mode! It is part of the travel nannies job to look up for age-appropriate activities to do with children at your destination, and she can also provide you with a budget for the expenses ahead of time.

Most requested places?

Ha! Yes, Walt Disney World is definitely high on this list! If you haven't been to Disney World yet, you need to know that even it is knows to be the ultimate destination for family fun, it is also the crazies and most exhausting trip yo will EVER have with children - specially if they are under 5!!!

Summer vacations: Beaches

I love this one because I particularly have no problem being *in* the water for two hours straight! While parents relax in their tents sipping the most amazing magaritas, they have peace of mind their little ones are having fun building sand castle or jumping waves!

Winter vacations: Mountains (ski lodges)

Not many parents book a skiing cation to spend time at the bunny slopes! Having a travel nanny will free you up to hit the big slopes while still teaching and keeping your little ones safe.

I have also worked with families traveling for work, attending professional conferences for example, so I was able to take the children out and explore the city, while mom and dad spent their time speaking, learning and networking.

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