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Thaty's Raving Fans - Part 1

Here is a growing selection of Thaty's praises! When you do what you love, you do your best work. Consequently, it isn't hard to be recognized for outstanding work! It's a pleasure to work with so many wonderful families over the last 16+ years!

Knock yourself out =D

Thaty & Froggy - Personal Archive


"I have been meaning to write for a few weeks now.

I was very impressed with my experiences with Thaty, when she took care of

my two young children the week after Christmas.

The moment I met her, I could tell she has a real love for children, and has found her vocation as a caregiver.

She came to our home for three days, and immediately stepped into the family.

The kids, 13 months and 3 1/2, warmed to her immediately, and on the second evening, my daughter started crying when Thaty had to leave.

She asked great questions, brought along activities for the children,

and left clear notes for me so that I knew everything they had done during the day.

She handled everything very responsibly, but reached out as needed for

questions about food and naps.

She is very smart, kind, personable.

I would recommend her highly to anyone who is interested in having her care for their children, especially in a long term position. A few additional notes - on the third evening, I came home to a dance party, with a CD that Thaty had made just for my children. Incredibly thoughtful. The next day, as I was getting my son dressed,

I saw that she had sorted and folded his clothes drawers. Incredibly unexpected and thoughtful. Thank you, and I will be sure to reach out to you the next time I need help, when traveling for work or when my daycare is closed. Best" - Etain


"Thaty was wonderful, we are so glad that we picked her to take care of our little one. She knows what she is doing; she is very attentive and focused on the baby and on the baby only. She left us notes of the feeding, how he acted, how he slept and so forth. I would definitely recommend her to my friends. Thank you all." - Luana


"Thaty has been with our family for 3 years and our daughter has flourished under Thaty’s wise and loving care. Thaty is an amazing mix of knowledge and kindness. She is constantly learning and sharing applicable resources with us. But it’s not just her knowledge that makes Thaty outstanding. It’s her demeanor, both with parents and children. She is kind, but firm with our daughter when necessary. She is also skilled at helping us navigate our child?s changing needs over the past three years. Thaty got her on a schedule and helped us adjust as it became clear to her that our daughter was ready for a particular change (dropping from 2 naps to 1, falling asleep independently, potty training, learning to share) she always communicated about what she did during the day and how our daughter acted as a result. She coaches us, and makes us better parents even when she is not around. She is a true gem and will be an incredible asset to any family!" Maureen


"Wonderful experience! Tati was responsive to a week’s notice, a great communicator, and jumped right in to wrangle two toddlers into bedtime. She came prepared with a kit including toys and a notebook to write down routines/habits. The boys instantly took to her warm personality and that was very comforting. Thank you for all!" - Erica


"Very service-minded, kind, honest. She is very organized and hosts a weekly nanny gathering, and helped organize a big local nanny training event." - Janice


Thaty is a remarkable teacher and a gifted caregiver. I was lucky to have had her help during our children's earliest months. She is equally skilled with infants and toddlers and her calm enthusiasm brought a great sense of peace into our home during several chaotic years of early child rearing. I cannot recommend Thaty highly enough and would be more than happy to provide any level of detail as a reference. My very best to Thaty as an educator and nanny." Liz C


"I cannot speak highly enough about Thaty. She was an asset to our growing family in a time of great change in our house and continues to be a valued part of our life as a babysitter and friend. Thaty has a true gift in her ability to teach and care for children and both of our children thrive under Thaty's care. Any family would be lucky to have Thaty as a caregiver and I will be pleased to serve as a further reference to sing Thaty's praises if necessary or desired." Elizabeth


"Tatiane worked for us as a Nanny for our first child for about 18 months. I can't say enough about what an amazing job she did and what a wonderful person she is. As first time parents we were very nervous and of course had a lot of questions about what we were getting ourselves into! Tatiane quickly calmed our nerves with her kindness and wealth of experience with children. Looking back, I'm not sure how we could have done it without her. She was extremely helpful in every aspect of raising our baby, from sleeping and feeding to walking and talking. It was a great feeling to be able to leave for work in the morning and know that our baby was in such good hands. Tatiane did a great job communicating with us and documenting all the events that would happen throughout the day. It is very evident that she takes a lot of pride in what she does. She is extremely well organized, always punctual, and very thorough. It was a pleasure having her around. She does not get rattled and has a very calming presence. To this day, our son, now 2 1/2 constantly talks about Tatiane. His eyes light up every time he hears her name and especially when he gets to see her! It is clear that she had a lasting and positive impact with him. She was a very big part of our lives at a very important time and we couldn't have asked for a better experience. It is without hesitation that I recommend Tatiane for any position involving the care and education of children. We miss her and will be forever grateful for all of the outstanding work she did for our family." - Kara


"Dear Thaty,

As soon as we met you, we knew you were the perfect person to care for Kavi. We are in awe of your knowledge, your wisdom, you playfulness, your patience, your warmth,and your wit, not to mention your commitment to dupporting other nannies, fighting for domestic workers’ rights, and working for justice in so many ways. We don’t know how you do it!

You have made us better parents and been such an important figure in Kavi’s life. We can’t believe it’s already been nine months! Thank you for everything, and make sure to always keep in touch! Love," - Gowri, Josh & Kavi



I just wanted to tell you in writing how much you helped me. You were an incredibly calm and welcome constant in my life when things were going off the tracks. The comfort you provided to me and my children was unparalled...and having a full night of sleep with a newborn and toddler was a game changer. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. You are an amazing soul. Love, " - Claire

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